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Representing Clients at ALJ Hearings and Brief Writing

Simply order the brief in the online 'Shop,' pay with credit card or cash option, receive a secure link, and a brief will be completed asap!


Schedule a consultation

Improve your process, knowledge, and productivity while working on SSD claims. Learn how you can work better with the SSA and OHO!

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RUSH Brief Writing

In a hurry? Order a RUSH brief today and receive it within 7 days.


Receive employee training

Training materials are available now in the online 'Shop.' Need tailored training for your particular office needs, including a focus on writing skills, coaching, and mentoring? We've got just what you're looking for!


Tammy M. Holcomb

Disability Attorney & Consultant

Representing Clients at ALJ hearings and helping Social Security Disability (SSD)  representatives process disability cases more efficiently and effectively. 
Tammy will help you meet the demands of representing disability claimants and work more efficiently with the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO).


Social Security Disability Expertise

Social Security Disability Representative and
Brief Writer 

Win more cases with Tammy's extensive experience.

Knowledgeable and Practical Social Security Consultant and Trainer

Receive clear, practical information regarding essential SSD rules, laws, and regulations. 


Learn how to work better with ALJs, OHO, and the Appeals Council.

Trustworthy, Accessible Social Security Disability Attorney

You can trust you'll be getting quality writing and on-time!

Get your Security Disability Briefs FASTER with Tammy M. Holcomb!


I highly recommend the Disability Training on this site to representatives and their staff who are helping claimants. I have worked with disability clients for years at a law firm, learning pieces of the claims process along the way. I took this course to equip myself to better help my clients and support the attorney at the law firm where I work. This training provided solid, well-organized information and practical tools to navigate and understand the 5-step evaluation process. The training broke down the rules and regulations into understandable, chewable bits. The material was presented in an interactive way, enabling me to apply the concepts I was learning.  The quizzes after each module were invaluable!


I printed out hardcopies of the well-organized materials and put them into a binder for easy access. They will surely be a staple resource on my shelf to reference frequently. 


Many thanks for offering this invaluable training course to equip representatives and their staff!


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